Cristina review 1

Escort name:Cristina
Date of Visit:05/13/2016
Time of Visit:8:00 pm
Spent time:2 hours
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:I've seen Cristina once before and have been trying to book her again but always catch the times when she's busy. I very rarely go back to see the same girl as there are so many out there. What catches me is her service - she literally lets you do anything. She provides all service with a smile. So I had to go back to see her. The first meeting with Cristina was excellent and I thought it couldn't get much better but how wrong was I? I think it's probably cos she remembered me from the first time and I treated her with respect. This time around she was even more friendlier with loads of smiles. She was even joking with me and also initiated a lot of things and seems like she enjoyed the encountered as much as me. All I can say is that Cristina is wonderful and with such a hot figure young girl coupled with an excellent GFE service.